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  • Arrangements for the betrayal of Jesus
    • Discipleship
      • The authority of the twelve
        • "you have stayed wth me through my trials"- sacrifce and suffering.
        • "so I will give you the same rights"-authority from God/ shows discipleship
        • "you will eat and drink at my table in my kingdom"-rewards
      • The would be followers of Jesus
        • "sir, first let me go back and bury my father"
        • To be a follower of Jesus you have to be prepared to drop everything for him and go with him.
        • "but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family"
        • "I will follow you wherever you go'
      • The rich man and lazarus
        • "Lazarus"- only person who gets given a name
        • "Hades"- world of the dead
        • "but Abraham said......while you are in no pain"-reversal
        • "in this fire"- warning
        • "five brothers/ moses" - five books in the torah
        • "Do not cut the corners of your filed"
      • the lords prayer
        • Prayer most have the right intentions
      • The parable of the persistent neighbour
        • be bold in prayer
        • "a friend of mine is on a journey" - hospitality
        • "the door is already  locked"-security
        • be persistent in prayer
        • "would any of you who are fathers, give your son a snake when he asks for a fish"- God is all good
      • the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector
        • "the tax collector, and not the pharisee was in the right when he went home."
        • " for all you make themselves great will be humble, and all who humble themselves will be made great'
        • Do not praise yourself but God
        • Ask forgiveness for you sins
    • "Satan entered Judas" - people think he was a zealot/ he was overwhelmed by satan
    • "they were pleased and offered to pay him money"- Judas's greed for money.


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