Disability and Identity

Definition, Studies, Approaches

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  • Disability and Identity
    • Definition
      • Medical: Fixed thing relating to a recognised medical condition
      • Social: Medical condition is acted by person.Can either take up new skills or result in a self fulfilling prophecy of learned helplessness
    • Theoretical Approaches:
      • Interactionist: Goffman - Stigmatised Identity           Kim - Saw some resistance
      • Marxist: Finkelstein: Identity heavily dependent on work so may be why disabled perceived negitavley
      • Post Modernists: There are a wide range of disabilities so a divide between disabled and abled is mistaken
      • Feminist: Affected by ideas women are physically weak so they're diagnosed quicker with anxiety etc
    • Studies
      • Best: assume disabled are dependent and unable to function without help   - criticised for representing them as inferior
      • Cumberbatch Disability represented as negative, evil or monsters, never as courageous   - research found this has little effect on peoples identity (Kim)
      • Finkelstein: Work is source of identity and power, insted you become an economic burden           - Shakespeare says that ideology dates pre capitalism
    • Question
      • Examine the factors affecting the identity of people with disabilities


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