DISABILITIES- skirt making

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    • Sight
      • blind people
        • they may need an easy to use fastening. e.g. velcro
    • Hearing
      • deaf people
        • they won't hear the skirt ripping if the material is weak.
          • the skirt has to be made out of durable material
    • Movement
      • weelchair users
        • they would need a long skirt that won't expose them
      • crutch users
        • they would need a flowy skirt for them to move swiftly
    • Mental health conditions
      • depressed people
        • design skirts that are bright and positive
          • it might remind them of positive times and it would make them happy
    • Intellectual disabilities
      • down syndrome
        • people with down syndrome suffer with visual impairment and hard of hearing.
          • this means that they would need a skirt with easy fastening AND a strong material in order for it to be easy to use.


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