La Haine - director's methods

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  • Director's methods
    • La structure
      • Presence of the clock
        • Film shows one day on the estate, through time
        • Clear, simple structure
      • See Said, then Vinz, then Hubert
        • Said: graffiti on police van.  Vinz: in bedroom, daydreaming.  Hubert: in gym
      • Body of film presents the vicious circle
        • Trapped
        • Leads to the final scene
          • Le leitmotiv of film is repeated again 'it's the story of a society that...'
    • La langue
      • Language spoken by young people
      • No respect towards police and older people
      • Said = degrading towards women - audience feels uncomfortable
    • Le noir et blanc
      • Intensifies the dramatic aspect of the plot
        • Originally filmed in colour
        • Represents life on the cite
        • Attracts attention
        • Makes the issues feel timeless
        • Issues feel timeless - still feel relevance
      • Kassovitz wanted to make a 'oeuvre d'art'
        • Artistic feel to think and reflect
        • Viewer is drawn into the plot so you think about it
    • L'eclairage
      • Number of scenes shot at night or in darkness
        • Amplifies the gravity of the action
        • When Vinz shows gun - adds dramatic aspect
      • Scenes in Paris shot with dimmed lighting and in obscurity
        • Intensifies the severity of what happens in the city


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