Direct realism: perception

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  • Direct Realism
    • The belief that the relevant physical objects and your immediate perception of them are indistinguishable
      • If something looks red, its because it is red
    • Objects hold their properties
      • No differences between subjective and objective
    • Also known as Naïve realism
    • Evaluations
      • Strengths
        • Accords with common sense
          • A tomatio is red because it IS red
        • Suggests that matter exists before the mind
          • Big band/theory of evolution
        • Allows for change
          • Because things exist constantly even without our perception, it means that objects can change their state without us perceiving them
            • E.g. coffee can cool down
      • Weaknesses
        • Perceptual variations
          • Everyone perceives things differently
            • Colour blind people
          • Objects look different if the light falls on it
            • Response: objects have a property of 'looking' a certain way, but wee know that this may not be the case
        • Illusion
          • Our minds can be tricked into seeing something that isn't real
          • If you submerge something in water, it looks distorted
            • Response: the stick in water is not crocked itself, however, it has the property of 'looking crocked'
              • Blames the object not the though process
        • Hallucinatios
          • Our minds can imagine something that isn't there and that no one else can see
        • Time lag
          • by the time we see stars, they have already died
            • Response: the image you perceive is still real


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