Direct Object Pronouns

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  • Direct Object Pronouns
    • Direct objects are things that are directly acted upon by a verb
      • In the sentence "Ben threw the ball", the ball is the direct object
    • Direct object pronouns can be used to refer to a direct object
    • Direct object pronouns:
      • "me" - me
      • "te" - you
      • "le" - him
      • "la" - her
      • "nous" - us
      • "vous" - you (plural or formal singular)
      • "les" - them
    • Direct object pronouns come before their verbs
      • "L'enfant me voit" - The child sees me
      • "Le lion le mange" - The lion eats it
    • The direct object pronouns me, te, le, and la elide
      • "Elle m'attend" - She is waiting for me
    • Le and les can't contract when they're object pronouns
      • For example, you can't use the contraction "du"


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