Treaty of Versailles revision

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  • Diktat
    • Unfair to call it Diktat
      • they were the defeated nation
      • amount of reparations was reduced in 1929
      • fighting had taken place on French and Belgian soil so they had to pay reparations
      • arguably, they started the war when they invaded neutral Belgium
      • the schlieffen plan could have started the war
      • Germany had treated other countries as harshly in the past
        • france, 1871
          • war was mostly fought on defeated nations' soil -unfair
            • Russia, 1917
              • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
        • Russia, 1917
          • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
    • Fair to call it Diktat
      • separated Germany and its province East Prussia.
      • only allowed 3 wks/1mnth to protest
      • loss of colonies
      • Germany's protests were largely ignored
      • the terms of the treaty were harsh
      • more than 10% of land and people lost
      • they couldn't afford to start another war in protest


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