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  • Digestive system
    • 1) mouth- salivary amylase digest starch to maltose. ( produced by salivary glands)
    • 2) oesophagus- made up of thick musuclar wall. transports the food down to stomach.
    • 3) stomach produces enzymes which breaks down food. digest and stores food especially proteins. produces mucus to prevent it's own enzymes digesting it.
    • 4) small intestine- made up of long muscular tube. food further digested by enzymes. Has villi=microvilli which increases effeciency of absorption of food into bloodstream.
    • 5) pancreas- releases pancreatic juice. contains enzyme ( protease, amylase + lipase)
    • 6) Large intestine- absorption of any water. Undigested material stored in rectum, removed by anus.
    • Physical digestion + chemical digestion
      • salivary amylase hydrolyse starch to maltose. This is prevented as it enters stomach due to HCl, small intestine= further digestion of  strach to matlose by pancreatic amylase, small intestine's epithelial lining relases maltase which digest maltose to a glucose.
    • Lactose intolerant


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