Biology - Digestive System

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  • Digestive System
    • 3.Oesophagus- Muscular tube which moves to ingest food into the stomach.
    • 4.Stomach - Muscular organ where digestion continues.
    • 2.Salivary Glands - Saliva containing amylase start breaking down food.
    • 1.Mouth - Where food enters the alimentary canal and digestion begins.
    • 5.Pancreas - Produces digestive enzymes.
    • 6. Liver - Produces Bile.
    • 7.Gall Bladder-Stores bile before releasing it into the duodenum.
    • 8. Small Intestine- Where enzymes and bile break down nutrients and proteins, which are then absorbed into the blood.
    • 9. Large Intestine- Where water is reabsorbed
    • 10. Rectum- Where faeces is stored.
    • 11. Anus - Where faeces leaves the body through the alimentary canal.


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