Biology 2 - Osmosis and Diffusion

Information on osmosis and diffusion, is mainly facts but is really helpful when it comes to revising for additional science: biology 2.

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      • diffusion is just gradual movement of particles from high concentration to low concentration.
        • substances can move in and out of cells by diffusion and osmosis, only very small molecules can pass through the cell membrane.
      • diffusion happens in both liquids and gases.
        • because the particles in these substances are free to move about randomly.
      • osmosis is the movement of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane from a region of higher water concentration to a region of lower water concentration.
      • osmosis is a type of diffusion
      • a partially permeable membrane is just one with very small holes in it. so small, that only tiny molecules can pass through it such as water and it will stop larger molecules such as sucrose.


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