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  • Diffusion
    • The movement of molecules in or out of a cell from a region of low concentration to a region of high concentration using energy and carrier molecules.
    • Passive process
    • Factors affecting rate of diffusion
      • Concentration gradient - the greater the difference in concentration the greater the rate of diffusion.
      • Surface area - the greater the surface area the greater the rate of diffusion.
      • Thickness - the thinner the surface the greater rate of diffusion and pathway is short.
    • Diffusion is proportional to surface area x difference in concentration / length of diffusion pathway.
    • Facilitated diffusion
      • Passive
      • Use  channel and carrier proteins.
      • Occurs along plasma membrane.
      • Proteins act as channels for the passage of water soluble molecules.
      • Molecules bind to carrier  protein causing them to change shape releasing the molecules at the other side.




Just noticed one of these says from a low to high concentration ? I swear it's high to low ... 

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