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  • Diffusion
    • Rate of Diffusion
      • thickness of surface
        • the thinner the surface. the faster the rate of diffusion
      • surface area
        • the larger the area, the faster the rate of diffusion
      • concentration gradient
        • the greater the difference, the faster the rate of diffusion
    • Facilitated Diffusion - protein channels
      • occurs down a concentration gradient
      • happens at specific places on the plasma membrane
        • protein channels across the membrane
      • allow water soluble molecules to pass through
    • Facilitated Diffusion - carrier proteins
      • molecules bind with the protein, forcing it to change shape
      • releases the molecule on the inside of the membrane
      • span the plasma membrane
    • Explanation of Diffusion
      • from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
      • a large concentration gradient means diffusion is rapid
      • the net movement of molecules
      • when particles are evenly distributed they are in dynamic equilibrium


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