Difficulties with Implementing Strategy

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  • Difficulties with Implementing Strategy
    • Lack of resources
      • Money
      • Skills
      • Time
      • Can make implementing strategy hard, especially if big changes are needed
      • Heavy investment can mean less working capital for day-to-day activities
    • Managers at all levels need to understand the strategy being implemented
    • If not fully understood, could lead to problems
      • Miscommunication
      • Tasks being assigned incorrectly
    • Managers not providing strong, clear leadership and communication to manage the change
      • Employees might not embrace the changes needed
    • Changing the structure of the company
      • If a company delayers, will involve making redundancies
      • Structure change could also lead to a change in the culture of the business
    • If strategy sets out strict path for business
      • May have difficulty implementing it in the future
      • Lack of flexibility could mean that if the environment changes, the strategy will no longer be relevant


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