Difficulties faced by John Major

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  • Difficulties faced by John Major 1990-1997
    • Tory Image
      • Major calls the rebels "bastards" in an interview with Michael Brunson. The comment was leaked to the Daily Mail and become headline news.
      • "Tory Sleaze"
        • contrasts with Major's "Back to Basics" campaign which called for the return of moral values
        • "cash for questions"
          • In return for payment, MPs asked questions in the Commons that were intended to promote the interest of particular commercial companies
        • sex scandals
          • exposure led to the resignation of cabinet ministers e.g. David Mellor and Tim Yeo
      • sensational press coverage
    • POLL TAX 1991
      • abandoning the poll tax meant that the Conservatives had to admit to wasting £1.5 billion on implementing it
      • played a BIG part in Thatcher's downfall
    • recession
      • Major's high public spending was partly forced as a result of Thatcher's economic policy
      • marked by declining manufacturing output, high interest rates, a steep rise in unemployment and a serious slump in housing prices
    • Black Wednesday 1992
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