Sociology Differential educational achievement

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  • Differential educational achievement
    • Internal factors
      • Pupil relationship and labelling can have negative impact on pupil self esteem and self fulfilling phrophecy
      • Anti school cultures can arise to deal with low self esteem
      • Ball: in sets, sets not based on academic ability
      • Rosenthal and Jacobson: teacher expectation/ labelling/ self fulfilling prophecy
    • Outside school factors
      • culture: attitudes/ beliefs; norms and values
      • Cultural capital- language learned by w/c is not used in school
      • Material resources- lack of money, books, bus fare
      • Family- expectations/parental support
      • Bourdieu: cultural capital- gives r/c advantage
      • Bernstein: cultural- elaborated code= exams/ textbook
      • Douglas: material/ family life- poor housing, poor diet, overcrowding,parents not attend parents evening


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