Differential achievement : Gender

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  • Differential achievement: Gender
    • Reasons for improved girls achievement
      • 3) Policies helping girls
        • The NATIONAL CURRICULUM; everyone has to do the same subjects regardless of gender.
      • 2) Changes in the expectation of girls
        • SUE SHARPE; study of girls in the 70's and then girls in the 90's.
          • See their own mum's working providing them with a role model
      • 4) Pro school subculture
        • Girls work harder, do more homework and meet deadlines.
          • MITOS & BROWNE: girls are more mature at 16 than boys are therefore taking GCSE's more seriously
      • 1) Changes in the Labour market
        • Service sector jobs have increased. Women are given opportunity to seek work.
    • Reason for underachievement in boys
      • 3) Changes in the Labour market
        • Decline in manual work, boys are losing motivation.
      • 2) "Laddish" behaviour
        • Develop an anti-school subculture. MAC & GHAILL; "this is girls work, not real work"
      • 4) Unrealistic expectations
        • Boys over-estimate their ability and become over-confident and dont work hard enough. wanting to be professional footballers etc.
      • 1) Teacher expectations
        • MITOS & BROWNE: teachers may be less strict with boys allowing a lower standard of work
    • Gender and subject choice
      • 4) Peer pressure
        • Boys opt out of music and drama as they are perceived as girl subjects and outside the male gender domain which may create a negative responce
      • 1) Early socialisation
        • NORMAN ET AL; stereotyping has already begun before school; girls play with dolls and kitchen sets and boy play with toys which develop their maths and science
      • 3) Gender domain
        • KELLY: pupils make the biggest contribution in making a subject favour a gender; boys shout out answers and dominate the classroom.
      • 2) Subject image
        • KELLY: science subjects are packaged to be boys subjects E.g textbooks are revolved around male things- cars & football


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