Sociology | Education - Differential Achievement Gender

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  • Differential Achievement - Gender
    • Internal
      • Gender Gap 9%
      • Equal Opportunity Policies: GIST & WISE
      • Positive Role Models: Women in senior positions give non-traditional goals to aim for
      • GCSEs & Coursework: Gorard - 1975-89 gender gap constant, coursework in 1989 changed it. Mitsos and Browne - Girls do better in coursework because they put more time into work and meet deadlines
      • Teacher Attention: Jane and Peter French - Boys attract more attention because they attract more reprimands.   Franics -  Boys get more attention, but are disciplined more harshly and felt picked on by teachers
      • Challenging Stereotypes in the Curriculum: Weiner -  positive image of women since the 1980s has increased female achievement
      • Selection & League Tables: Jackson -  High achieving girls attractive to schools because of wanting a high place on the league tables


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