Different Levels of Development in EU - UK and Poland

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  • Different Levels of Development in the EU (UK and Poland)
    • Why is the UK richer?
      • Immigration of skilled workers move to the UK - they get jobs and then pay tax
      • Industrialisation - growth of factories which began in the 1850's
      • UK's climate is moderate so our growing season is good for growing crops
      • UK used to have its own colonies - we invaded lots of countries and took all of their natural resources and sold them back for more
      • High percentage of people working in secondary and tertiary industries
        • More tax paid
        • Tertiary Industry = Working in Services
        • Secondary Industry = Workers making things
        • Less people working in Primary Industry due to mechanisation
    • Why is Poland poorer?
      • Former communist country - lack of Government investment (which is needed to improve infrastructure e.g. roads)
      • Had a lack of secondary industries and has more primary industries
      • Was outside of the EU before 2004 so it was difficult to trade with other countries
    • Solutions for Poland
      • Can get money to develop tertiary sector e.g. science technology parts from different funds/grants
        • ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)
        • Grants from IMF - lend to smaller / medium business'
        • Increased public transport - particulary in the east of the country
        • Sustanable tourism - unspoilt natural beauty
        • Broadban + Fibre optic - attracts business
        • £2.3 billion in total
      • Attracts foreign investment - mnc's
        • Zanuss to Poland - washing machines - production costs / wages low - lower standard of living
      • Free movement of products
        • Polish goods - trade cheaper
        • Workers are free to move - better wages - send it back to Poland


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