Rise of the Nazis - Different factors that helped the Nazis win votes

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  • Different factors that helped the Nazis win votes
    • The Social Democrat Party
      • It did not promise any quick fix for the depression
      • Part of the government when the depression began
        • Partly blamed
    • The effect of the depression
      • Ruined the lives of about one third of German people
        • 6 million Germans were unemployed
      • Many Germans held the government responsible
        • They felt they should have done more to stop it
    • Fear of the Communists
      • Feared by anyone with a property or who disagreed with their ideas
      • Threatened to take and confiscate people's wealth
    • The German government
      • It wasn't doing anything to stop the fighting on the streets
      • Couldn't stop the depression or provide jobs
    • Hitler
      • He was a brilliant public speaker
      • Promised confidently to end the depression and provide jobs for everyone
    • Nazi propaganda
      • Poster were very eye-catching with simple, easy to read messages
      • Rallies were massive and very organised creating a good impression of the Nazis
    • The impact of the SA
      • Looked and created a very organised impression
      • Very violent
        • Attracted young males
        • Frightened opponents
      • Provided free meals and uniform for members
        • Good for the unemployed
    • Nazi policies and ideas
      • Blamed Democrats and Communists for the troubles in Germany
      • Promised jobs
      • Promised to make Germany great again


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