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  • Differences in ethnic minority educational achievement (20 marks
    • Parental Involvement
      • Push for pupils to succeed (ethnic groups like, china, etc.
        • Anti-School subcultures- 'blacks' are seen as being part of gangs, etc.
    • Material Deprivation
      • Ethnic minority are the poorest 1/5th of the UK population.
        • The Ethnocentric Curriculum- e.g. only teach white history, only teach christianity.
    • Racism in wider society
      • Limited opportunity- discrimination against ethnic groups.
        • Racism among pupils- some pupils are bullied, loose self esteem, self confidence, etc.
    • Language (EAL)
      • 13% of pupils do not have English as their first language
        • Labelling- ethnic minority students, for example black students, are labelled as being disruptive, etc.


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