Diet and Nutrition

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  • Diet and Nutrition
    • Eating a balanced diet is important as it helps maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. It contains the best ratio of nutrients to match your lifestyle.
    • Macro nutrients
      • These are the things that make up the bulk of your food, as you require most of them.
      • Carbohydrates
        • These are the main source of energy for your body.
        • You can get simple ones eg. sugar and complex ones eg. starch.
        • Whenever you eat carbohydrates, some will get used by the body straight away whilst the rest gets stored in your liver and muscles ready to use for when it's needed.
      • Proteins
        • Proteins help the body grow and repair itself.
        • They're made up of molecules called amino acids.
      • Fats
        • Fats are made up of molecules called fatty acids.
        • They provide energy for the body but they're also really important for helping keep the body warm and protecting organs.
    • Micro Nutrients
      • Vitamins
        • They help your bones, teeth and skin to grow.
        • They are required for many of your body's chemical reactions.
      • Minerals
        • They are needed for healthy bones and teeth and to build other tissues.
        • Minerals help in various chemical reactions in your body.
    • Water
      • Water is needed in lots of chemical reactions in the body.
      • If you don't drink enough you can become dehydrated.
      • If you drink too much, you kidneys will produce more urine.
    • Fibre
      • It is needed to keep your digestive system working properly.
      • There is a lot of fibre in fruit and vegetables.


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