Methods to prevent food spoilage and contamination

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  • Methods to prevent food spoilage and contamination
    • Cooking
      • The heat denatures enzymes and other proteins and kills microorganisms.
    • Pasteurising
      • Involves heating to 72 degrees celsius for 15 seconds and then cooling rapidly to 4 degrees celsius, killing harmful microorganisms.
    • Drying, coating in sugar and salting
      • Dehydrates any microorganisms as water leaves them by osmosis.
    • Smoking
      • The food develops a hardened, dry outer surface, and smoke contain antibacterial chemicals.
    • Pickling
      • Uses an acid pH to kill microorganisms by denaturing their enzymes and other proteins.
    • Irradiation
      • Ionising radiation kills the microorganisms by disrupting their DNA structure.
    • Cooling and freezing
      • ****** enzyme activity so their metabolism, growth and reproduction is very slow.
    • Canning
      • The food is heated in airtight cans.
    • Vacuum wrapping
      • Air is excluded so microbes cannot respire aerobically.


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