Healthy Diet

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  • Diet and Exercise.
    • Unbalanced Diet
      • Deficiency Diseases
        • Scurvy
        • Type 2 Diabetes
        • Lack of Vitamin D leads to rickets affecting the growth of the skeleton.
        • Anorexia
    • Inherited Factors
      • Inherited Factors can also affect health.
        • For Example, the amount of cholesterol in your blood can affect health- too much can cause disease arteries.
    • Exercise
      • Metabolic Rate
        • This is affected by the following , Gender, age, inherited factors, muscle-fat and proportion in the body and exercise.
    • Food Groups
      • Carbohydrates
        • Found in potatoes, pasta,sugar and rice
          • Source of energy for life processes.
        • Proteins
          • Meat, Fish and Eggs.
            • Growth and repair of cells.
      • Fats
        • Cheese, Butter and Oils.
          • Processes and makes cell membranes.
      • Vitamins and minerals.


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