Diet and Exercise

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  • Diet and Exercise
    • Constituents of a healthy diet
      • Carbohydrates
        • Releases energy and builds cells
      • Proteins
        • Growth, repair and replacement of cells. Releases energy
      • Fats
        • Insulation. Releases energy and builds cells.
      • Vitamins and Minerals
        • Small amounts for healthy functioning of the body
    • Malnourishment
      • When diet is not balanced
      • Leads to being overweight or underweight
      • Underweight can lead to deficiency diseases e.g Scurvy
      • Overweight can lead to conditions such as type 2 diabetes
    • Mass
      • You lose mass when the energy content of food taken in is less than the amount of energy expended
      • Exercise increases amount of energy expended
    • Metabolic Rate
      • Rate at which all chemical reactions in the cells of the body are carried out
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