Diet and Excerise

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  • Diet and Excersise
    • Nutrients
      • a substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and matintenance of life
      • the main food groups are carbs, fats and protein
      • mineral ions and vitamins are needed in a healthy diet. Theyre needed in small ammounts
    • Imbalanced diet
      • too little food can lead to someone being underweight
        • A poor diet may lead to definicency diseases. Too little vitamin D can lead to Rickets
          • Rickets affects the proper growth of the skeleton.
          • Type 2 diabetes is also a problem related to a bad diet
      • too much food can lead to someone being overweight
    • Metabolic Rate
      • Repiration is a chemical reaction that allowes cells to release energy from food.
      • The metabolic rate is the speed at which such chemical reactions take place
        • This varies with age, gender and inherrited factors
          • It is also affected by proportion of muscle fat in the body amd amount of physical activity
        • iherited factors such as cholesterol levels in the blood can affect health
          • Cholesterol is needed for healthy cell membranes.
            • Too much cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of heart disease
      • The metabolic rate increasesas we excercise and stays high for a while.
        • People who excercise regularly are usually healthier than people who dont


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