diet (part 1/3)

Heinmann textbook and CGP revision guide used

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    • Balanced Diet
      • provides all the essential nutrients in the correct proportions
          • main energy source
        • PROTEINS
          • growth+repair of tissues
        • FATS
          • energy, cell membranes, waterproofing
        • VITAMINS
          • chemical processes e.g. blood clotting
            • water soluble or fat soluble
        • MINERALS
          • inorganic elements essential for normal function
        • WATER
          • transport + main component of body (60%)
            • used  up in breathing/ urinating/ sweating
        • FIBRE
          • movement of food through gut
            • undigestible
      • provides better health, immune system, stronger, less ill
      • an unbalanced diet leads to MALNUTRITION
        • otherwise this can lead to OBESITY >20% heavier than recommended weight for their height
    • Obesity
      • otherwise this can lead to OBESITY >20% heavier than recommended weight for their height
      • caused by:
        • underactive thyroid gland
        • combination of too much fatty/sugary food+little exercise
      • increases risk of diabetes(2), heart disease, arthritis, cancer, hbp, CHD and cancer
        • CHD
          • extra energy is stored as fat building up as adipose tissue
            • this causes build up of atherosclerosis deposit on the coronary artery walls
              • this causes a narrowing of the artery lumen restricting blood flow to hear muscle
                • leads to O2 starvation
                  • causes angina during exercise
              • happens naturally as=body's response to ruptures-its a damage and repair system
                • can be sped up by hbp, tobacco smoke +other toxic chems
          • RISK INCREASED:
            • Salt
              • increases water potential in blood so more water is held in blood increasing bp causing hypertension+ damages inner lining of arteries during diastole leading to ather.
            • Fats
              • saturated (animal) raise blood cholesterol leading to build up of fatty deposits
            • Cholesterol
              • Untitled
      • growing issue over last 20yrs


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