Diet and Lifestyle

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  • Diet
    • Balancing
      • Carbohydrates-  release energy
      • Fats- keep warm and release energy
      • Protein- growth, cell repair and replacement
      • Fibre- digestive system smooth
    • Metabolism
      • Energy to fuel Chemical Reactions
      • Muscle needs more tissue than fatty tissue
      • Bigger ppl= higher MR
      • Men = higher MR
    • Eating too much
      • Excess Carb. and Fats= obesity
      • Developed Countries
      • Hormonal Problems
      • Arthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure + heart disease
      • Saturated Fat- increase blood cholestrol
    • Eating too little
      • Developing Countries
      • Malnutrition- slow growth, fatigue, poor resistance to infection, irregular periods
      • Deficiency diseases- lack of vitamins and minerals
        • Lack of Vitamin C- Scurvy- skin, joints and gums
    • Not enough Exercise
      • People who exercise regularly- healthier
      • Increases amount of energy used by body and decreases amount stored as fat
      • Builds muscle- boosts metabolic rate
    • Inherited Factors
      • Underactive Thyroid Gland- lower MR and cause Obesity
      • Cholesterol- fatty substance
        • Increase Blood Cholesterol- risk of heart disease


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