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  • Diet
    • Balanced diet
      • A balanced diet is one that provides the right mix of nutrients in the correct proportions
        • Protein
          • Meat poultry and fish,milk,eggs
          • Growth and repair of muscles and damaged tissues
        • Carbohyrdates
          • Sugars-Fruits,cakes
          • Starches-Vegtables,rices
          • Primary Source of energy- Provides slow release energy
        • Fibre
          • Seeds, Fruits,vegtables, nuts
          • Adds bulk to food, helps it move through the digestive system
        • Fats
          • Saturated-Milk,meat, cheese,eggs
          • Unsaturated- fish,nuts, beans, soya
          • Secondary source of energy, keeps us warm protects our organs
        • Vitamins
          • A,C,D- Fruits, vegtables, Fish, liver, liver, dairy products
          • Keeps the body healthy
        • Minerals
          • Milk, salmon, vegtable, beans, nuts, red meat
            • Enables body to move normally
        • Water
          • carries nutrients
    • Facters that affect our total energy
      • Age- Adults generally need to eat less than younger people1 who are still growing
      • Lifestyle- A manual worker will need to eat more food than an office worker
      • Size and gender- The bigger you are the more food you require
      • Metabolic rate- Everyone has a different metabolic rate
    • Main reasons why we eat
      • To remain Healthy
      • To survive
      • Need energy
      • To grow and repair bones
    • Unbalanced diets
      • Anorexia- eating to little
      • Obesity- An extreme overfat condition
      • Over weight- Having weight in excess of normal
      • Overfat- Having to much body composition


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