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  • Diet.
    • Carbohydrates.
      • Provides quick energy. 60% of our diets should be carbs.
      • Runners can use this because before a marathon runners will load before the event.
      • Potatoes, Pasta and Cereals.
    • Fats.
      • Unsaturated fats are healthy, saturated fats can lead to hear disease.
      • Provides slow energy. 25% of our diet should be fat.
      • Needed in low impact exercise, it realeases  slowly
      • Oils, dairy products, nuts and fish.
    • Protein,
      • Builds and repairs muscle. We only need 15% of our diet to be protein.
      • Needed when you are recovering from injury.
      • Meat, Pulses and Fish.
    • Vitimins.
      • A- for vision
      • B for energy
      • C keep skin healthy
      • D to help bones and teeth
      • Helps the body work
      • Concentration
      • Staying calm, making decisions.
      • Fresh fruit and Veg.
    • Minerals.
      • Calium to strengthen bones.
      • Iodine for energy roduction
      • Iron prevents getting tired.
      • Helps release energy from food.
      • an athlete needs these when training hard and competing.
      • Fruit vegetables and fish.
    • Fibre
      • Cant be digested
      • Aids healthy digestion, Weigh control.
      • Fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals.
    • water
      • maintains fluid levels.
      • whenever you sweat you release water.
      • prevents dehydration.


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