Diet related health problems

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  • Diet Related Health Problems
    • Obesity
      • when the body stores so much fat it is dangerous for their health
      • BMI
        • Body Mass Index
        • Used to calculate body mass
        • Between 18.5-25 however above 30 is classed as obese
      • Result of eating too many foods high in salt and sugar and lack of exercise
      • Can lead to..
        • Increased chance of coronary heart disease
        • Stoke
        • Type 2 Diabetes
    • Diabetes
      • Blood glucose levels can't be controlled
      • Insulin helps glucose be absorbed by the body
      • Type 2,body can't produce enough insulin for the blood sugar levels
    • Coronary Heart Disease
      • Arteries are clogged up with fatty cholesterol
      • Caused by too much saturated fat,lack of exercise and smoking
      • Blood can't pass through arteries properly leading to the heart having to pump faster and harder
        • Leading to chest pains(angina),blood flow and oxygen to the heart gets blocked causing heart attacks
    • Anemia
      • Caused by iron deficiency
      • Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen around the body
        • Anemics lack red blood cells
      • Pregnant women and women who pass blood through menstruation need more iron
      • Dizzy,fatigue and paleness


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