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  • Diet and metabolic rate
    • A balanced diet keeps you healthy
      • carbohydrates are needed to release energy.
      • you need fat to keep warm and it releases energy
      • you need protein to build and repair cells
      • tiny amount of vitamins an mineral ions are to keep your skin, bones, blood and everything else healthy.
        • Different people have different energy needs
          • you need energy to fuel the chemical reactions in the body that keeps you alive, these reactions are called your metabolism.
          • the speed these reactions happen at is your metabolic rate. This depends on:
            • HOW MUCH MUSCLE YOU HAVE: more muscle than fat, you will need more energy, so you'll have a high metabolic rate.
            • HOW ACTIVE YOU ARE: if you exercise more you will need more energy so you will have a high metabolic rate.
            • Inherited factors


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