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  • Diet
    • Minerals
      • Needed in order to maintain health each mineral has a certain benefit
      • An example would be Salt
    • Protein
      • Meat, eggs, fish
      • For growth and repair
    • Water
      • Water is used in metabolic reactions
      • It acts as a coolant, to help regulate body temperature
      • Water is found in most foods and drinks. Some foods have a higher percentage of water than others
    • vitamins
      • Needed in small amounts to maintain health
      • Fruit, vegetables, dairy
    • Fats
      • To store energy in the body
      • Provides insulation
      • Provides energy
      • Butter, oils, Nuts
    • Fibre
      • Roughage to help maintain good bowel movement
      • Whole grains, such as bran; vegetables
    • Carbohydrates
      • Provides energy
        • Metabolic processes
        • Movement- muscle contraction
        • Too much energy
          • The energy will not be used up and is stored as fat
        • Too little energy
          • The body becomes tired or weak and may not be able to carry out certain bodily functions.


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