Lifestyle choices An unhealthy lifestyle/A healthy lifestyle

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  • Lifestyle Choices
    • A healthy lifestyle
      • Diet
        • Contains nutrients needed for growth snd development
        • Improves body image
        • Improves skin
        • Improves mobility
      • Regular Exercise
        • Improves mobility
        • Improves stamina
        • Improves mood
        • Helps prevent illness and disease
        • Strengthens muscles and joints
      • Drugs (medication)
        • Helps reduce pain
        • Can reduce symptoms of physical and mental disorders
        • Can be bought over the counter or diagnosed by a doctor
        • Improves mood (mental)
        • Can help minor or major illnesses
        • Can be taken in many forms - liquid, tablet, injections, drips etc
    • A unhealthy lifestyle
      • Illegal Drugs/abuse of medicated drugs
        • Can cause illness and disease e.g heart and kidney problems
        • Make reduce judgement
        • May cause anxiety and depression
        • Loss of memory and concentration
        • Negatively affect relationships
        • May cause infertility for women
      • Diet
        • Lead to weight gain
        • Lead to pressure on joints
        • Heart problems
        • Diabetes
      • Smoking
        • Can cause illness and disease
        • Lung cancer
        • Lung disease
        • May cause social isolation
        • Cause bad odours
        • Finger tips turn yellow
      • Alcohol
        • Liver and Kidney problems
        • May cause impaired judgement
        • Negatively impact relationships
        • Lead to unsafe sex
      • Lack of Exercise
        • Reduce mobility
        • Reduce stamina and strength
        • Affect mental health negatively
        • Weight gain


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