Did the Nazis succeed in creating a 'people's communiy?'

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  • Did the Nazis succeed in creating a 'people's community'
    • In some ways the Nazis succeeded in creating this community
      • There was a strong sense of national pride, for example due to propaganda and Hitler's foreign policy successes
      • Getting a job also meant increased loyalty - people were grateful for employment.
        • Many teachers accepted the changed the Nazis imposed
          • Many young people were enthusiastic members of the Hitler Youth
      • Many women were happy to stay home and welcomed the Nazi's apparent respect for this role for women.
      • Many churchgoers were loyal Nazis, e.g. the Reich Church had many members.
    • BUT
      • any opposition is clear evidence, they were not 100% successful
      • Some young people didn't join the Hitler Youth, and there was some youth opposition groups.
      • Some women resented the limits imposed on their freedoms
      • Some church goers joined the breakaway confessional Church, whilsy some Churchmen spoke out, eg Galen & Niemoller
      • the Fact that some Nazi policies were carried out secretly shows that the Nazis themselves realised they weren't 100% successful (e.g. euthanasia programme)


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