Living in Nazi Germany - Nazi economic policies, did they work

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  • Did the Nazi economic policy work
    • Successes
      • Unemployment had fallen from 6,000,000 in 1933 to 300,000 by 1939
      • Managed to pull Germany out of the depression
      • Made the Nazis seem more popular
        • Every success was used as propaganda to advertise the Nazis
        • Nowhere else in the world had been able to do what the Nazis did
      • Made Germany stronger in military terms
        • Increased army size by 850,000 in 6 years
        • Moterways and airports were designed for military use
        • Huge numbers of jobs were created equipping the brand new army
    • Failures
      • By 1939 Germany still imported 33% of its required raw materials, Autarky did not work
      • From 1933 to 1939, the Nazi government always spent more than it earned
        • Debt of over 40 billion Reichmarks by 1939
      • Real earnings in 1938 were the same as 1928, but hours were longer and workers could not complain if they were unhappy
    • Added to Hitler's control
      • Given credit for pulling Germany out of depression
      • Germany looked so much better than everywhere else
      • During work and leisure you were always being managed by the Nazi party




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