did alexander II become reactionary after 1866

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  • reactionary after 1866?
    • yes
      • liberal ministers lost influence in government and some were sacked
      • a wave of conservatiive appointments such as count shuvalov as head of the third section
        • vetted appointments and made sure conservatives gained posts
          • - tightened up censorship and closed down some periodicals
          • brought in tighter controls of students and their organisations
          • - made use of military courts to try more serious cases as these were not open to reporting and            more likely to reach an outcome that the government wanted
          • increased the use of rule by decree
      • another conservative appointment was count tolstoy as minister of education
        • his ministry took greater control of primary school reducing the role of the school boards who were dominated by liberal zemstvo officials
        • classical subjects were favoured over modern ones such as history
        • entry to uni was restricted to favour nobles
      • crackdown on uni students assossiated with revolutionary views and some were arrested
    • no
      • he planned to abolished the third section and transferred its functions to the ministry of the interior and police
      • the loris melikov reform
        • proposed more civil rights for the peasants and help it make it easier for them to get land
        • proposed that elected representatives of the zemstva would be brought into central government to help in the making of laws


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