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  • Dictatorship
    • Russia was governed by dictatorship since the October Revolution of 1617
      • The ideology of Marxism-Leninism was based on two key theories
        • The "superstructure" under Tsarist rule had to be replaced to create a "egalitarian society"
        • Marx's "Labour Theory of Value" was justification for the revolution, especially as the Tsars became more capitalist
          • Exploited workers would overthrow the bourgeoisie to create a communist utopia (with the help of intellectuals like Lenin obvs)
    • Implementing Marxist-Leninism
      • expressing his views through writing
        • What is to be done? (1902)
        • Lenin argues that the revolution has to be lead by a elite group of Marxists who will govern until the workers are ready to take over
      • Leading the October Revolution against the provisional government
      • engaging in Civil War (1917-21) against opposing ideologies to consolidate power
      • War communism
        • used secret police (Cheka) tp enforce loyalty in people
      • Making concessions with the New Economic Policy
        • Made concessions after the Civil War to maintain backing from the moderate Bolsheviks and to consolidate "socialism in one country"
        • Caused tension with more radical members like Trotsky who want a permanent revolution


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