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  • Diabetes mellitus
    • Types of diabetes
      • Type 1 - insulin dependent diabetes, pancreas cannot secrete insulin
      • Type 2 diabetes - non-insulin dependent diabetes, body stops responding to insulin
    • Risk factors
      • Type 2
        • Being overweight (particularly with a BMI of over 27), having a sedentary lifestyle and a gene has been found on chromosome 2
      • Type 1
        • unknown - thought to have a genetic link, possible environmental risk factors too
    • Symptoms
      • Constant tiredness and thirst
      • Hypoglycaemia
        • Low blood sugar level
        • Tiredness, confusion, irrational behaviour
      • Hyperglycaemia
        • Can be associated with ketoacidosis
        • High blood sugar level
        • Thirst, feeling unwell, dry mouth, blurred vision
    • Treating diabetes
      • No cure, but it can be managed
      • Type 1 can be managed through insulin injections in order to keep levels of blood glucose constant
        • The insulin can come from pigs or from GM bacteria
      • Type 2 can be managed through diet alone in the early stages
      • Recent developments
        • Stem cell therapy - could replace the beta cells in people with Type 1 diabetes
        • Replacing the white blood cells of sufferers of Type 1 diabetes


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