Mumbai: Dharavi

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  • MUMBAI: Dharavi
    • Population of over 12 million
      • in 1947 the population was only 4 million
      • The population density is estimated to be about 22000 per square kilometre
    • India's financial capital
      • Bollywood
      • Until 1980s Mumbai's economy was based upon textiles
      • There has been an increase in IT and financial services
    • Cause of Urban Growth
      • People are drawn in by the prospects of jobs
        • Of varying skill levels
      • The port was known as the 'gateway to India' by the Europeans leading to industrialisation
      • Banking and finance established during British rule brought wealth and development
    • Problems of urban growth
      • Respiratory health problems due to pollution
      • Widespread poverty and unemployment
        • Due to lack of education still have many offspring as they would have in the rural areas
      • Lack of education leads to lack of skills = further unemployment
        • Too many people for the local services to cope with (Schools, Hospitals)
        • Leads to crime as a method of earning
      • Land value is high, people can't afford to buy homes, so created shanty towns
      • Pollution increases
      • Poor transport links
    • Solutions
      • In 1970 a plan was introduced to move the port, markets and industrial functions to the old city of Navi Bombay on the East
        • Move the workers too
          • Was partially successful
        • Move the people of Dharavi into temporary accommodation
        • 2 storey homes will be replaces with 7 storey houses
          • Free accommodation will be offered to those who can prove they've lived there since 1995
            • New buildings will have infrastructure in place
              • Roads
              • Schools
              • Water
              • Sewaege
      • Development can't go ahead without majority
        • Gov. using underhand tactics to get people to sign
          • Many worry no temporary housing will be provided


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