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  • Has Devolution undermined the Union?
    • NO
      • Devolution has answered Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish demands for greater autonomy, brining decision making closer to the people.
      • Devolution has proceeded relatively smoothly, without major disputes between the UK government and the devolved bodies.
      • Policy divergence reflects the different interests of the nations of the UK and has allowed initiatives that have been successful in one nation to be copied.
      • Most people in the UK still feel British to some degree, and devolution is the preferred constitutional position for voters in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
      • Devolution has delivered peace and power sharing in Norther nIreland after 30 years of violence and instability (i.e. The Good Friday Agreement).
    • YES
      • The piecemeal approach to devolution has meant that problems (e.g. The West Lothian Question) have not been effectively addressed.
      • Insufficient attention has been paid to the purpose and benefits of the Union and Britishness in the post-devolution UK.
      • The rules on policy coordination and dispute resolution are not clear enough.
      • Policy divergence has undermined the idea of common welfare rights in the UK.
      • The SNP has become the dominant political party in Scotland and support for Scottish independence has increased.
      • There is some unease in England about the perceived unfairness of the devolution settlement.


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