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  • Development of Dictatorship: Germany
    • Impact of the Weimar
      • The Weimar government announced that they could not pay the reparations and the value of the German currency fell and they ended up in inflation
        • This led to the occupation of the Ruhr by the French troops
    • WWI & Treaty of Versailes
      • The treaty had restricted Germany so much many people were angry.
        • Germany lost 13% of its land and about 6,000,000 citizens were put into other countries
          •  The harshest term was the War Guilt Clause which stated that Germany had to accept full blame for starting the war
          • Germany had to pay reparations fees to the allies for the damage
    • Reparations and Ruhr
      •  When the confidence in the mark fell, inflation became hyperinflation which further humiliated the Weimar Government
        • Stresemann became chancellor and he began to steady things- introduced a new currency called the Rentenmark and along with loans from the USA, the currency was sorted out- became the Reichsmark
          •  The Dawes Plan loaned money to the USA and helped make payments more manageable
          • Further changes came to the Further changes came to the Young Plan which meant that payments were reduced and more time was given to pay them off


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