Development of a vaccination for smallpox

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  • Development of a vaccination for smallpox
    • Changing attitudes
      • People didn't drop their ideas due to religion and superstition
      • People's attitudes changed towards having the cowpox injection
      • They no longer believed that the injection would distort their face and give them cow like features.
      • There were still some people who didn't change their attitudes towards Jenner.
    • Communication
      • Not everyone listened
      • Not many people believed him
      • None of the government really backed him
      • He didn't have any support
    • Scientific thinking
      • Tested his new theories
      • Experimented his results over and over again to make accurate results
      • Made scientific notes
      • Had to fund his own publishing
      • Carried on in spite of opposition
      • Recorded data
      • The royal society didn't back him and his ideas
    • Government
      • Jener was given £30,000 to develop his work
      • In 1852 vaccinations were made compulsory
      • They sent out leaflets
      • Paying taxes for people to get a free vaccination
      • More money for people to pay out as in taxes
  • In 1852 vaccinations were made compulsory


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