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  • Development ideas
    • Cost
      • By looking at the ingredients used I could find out if there were any lower cost alternatives.
    • Storage
      • This could be done by looking at how long the product can be kept in the fridge.
    • Combination of ingredients
      • By adding new ingredients such as spinach and sweetcorn the combination of flavours could be improved.
    • Improving the 5-a-day content
      • Some testers said they felt there could be an increase in the 5-a-day content with the addition of more vegetables.
    • How the product is cooked
      • My taste testers said they that wanted the product to be cooked in the oven or microwave.
    • Construction
      • Some testers said they would find it interesting to have a the enchiladas constructed differently.
    • Appearance
      • Some of the taste testers said they felt that the appearance could be improved as it looked messy,
    • Nutritional development
      • I could improve the macro nutrient content by using different ingredients
    • Proportions of ingredients
      • By adding more tinned tomato I would be able to improve the texture and taste.
    • Portion size
      • The energy content of this product suggested that the portion size needed to be increased.
    • Taste
      • My taste testers said they would like mroe flavour and seasoning in it.
    • Tortilla alternative
      • Tortilla alternatives could be investigated to see which my testers liked best.
    • Lowering the fat content
      • This  could be lowered by using semi-skimmed milk in the cheese sauce
    • Texture
      • Some tasters said they felt the texture could be improved by using more vegetables.


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