Development and Structure

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  • Development and Structure
    • Assessing our Progress
      • In responce to feedback, we cut out some scenes, made scenes more understandable
    • Polishing
      • Running it, fun-runs, cue to cue.
    • Untitled
    • Evaluation
      • Actuall impacts VS intended impact on audience
      • Game of Cards, Family Responses,
      • Untitled
    • Stimulus
      • Diifferent time periods
        • Purgatory
          • Confined Spaces/7 Deadly Sins
            • 7/7 Bombings
              • World of London
                • Tourism &Tourism
    • Decisions
      • We eventually wanted to create snapshots of London - positive and negative
        • The target audience we aimed for were ranging from 16-19 year olds.
          • We intended to engage the audience by making the performance realistic, including events that they may have been involved with and by making the subject matter relatable.
    • Research
      • We had to research the events: 7/7 Bombings, the riots.
        • The Olympics
      • Typical tourist activities: bus tours, theatre,
      • Daily activities in London: Hyde Park, Speakers Corner
      • A lot of internet research, a 7/7 bombings documentary.
      • Workshops: Brecht, Complicite, Frantic Assembly, Growtaski, Stanislowski
      • Verbatim: Youtube, BBC Website.
    • Challenges
      • Having two new members join our group half way through > which resulted in to changing the piece completely.
      • A lot of set changes made it confusing, lack of inspiration.
      • Lack of inspiration and therefore, arguing about conflicting goals and outcomes.
    • Practical Detail
      • Genre is generall comedic yet, contains some subject matter which is sad.
        • Creating specific moments of tension, humour
      • PACE: Generally quite smooth, however, some of the transitions were made slow.
      • VISUAL: Costume was all black and the set was plain - 1 platform and a bench, a table and 3 chairs.
      • Influence of practitioners' ideas
  • Typical tourist activities: bus tours, theatre,


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