Geography Development

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  • Development
    • Economic
      • Employment (security and levels of pay)
      • Standard of Living (raising the minimum)
      • Productivity (efficient use of capital and labour
    • Demographic
      • Life Expectancy (rising with better health, hygiene and diet)
      • Birth Control (right to choose family size)
      • Mobility - freedom to migrate
    • Social
      • Welfare (access to services)
      • Equal oppourtunities (no gender or age discrimination)
      • Leisure (Restricted working hours)
    • Cultural
      • Education
      • Heritage and Ethnicity
    • Political
      • right to vote
      • Democratic government (regular fair elections)
      • Civil and religious liberties
    • Environmental
      • Pollution (effective controls)
      • Conservation (biodiversity and non-renewable resources)


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