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  • Development
    • The Development Gap
      • Why does this gap exist
        • Trade
          • Earlier Development (European countries)
          • Raw primary materials
        • Loans
          • Dependence on foreign loans
        • Industrialisation
          • Government / politics
          • Costly  (interest)
          • Capitalists
        • Natural / Human
          • Disease
          • Political changes / corruption
          • Weather & climate, natural disasters
          • Fuel, Water supply
          • Migration
    • Factors that Hinder Development
      • Economic
        • Poverty makes it difficult to develop.
        • Social Mobility
        • Global trade often favours developed instead of developing countries due to tariffs.
      • Political
        • Money isn't available for reduction, healthcare etc.
          • Foreign investors are discouraged from investing
        • Corrupt politicians enrich themselves at the expense of the country.
          • Money isn't available for reduction, healthcare etc.
            • Foreign investors are discouraged from investing
      • Social - access to clean water
        • Allows good crop production
        • Essential for health and a good standard
        • Water is contaminated - disease not able to work and support the family
        • Time searching for it, wasting energy
    • Types of Aid
      • Emergency Natural disaster
        • Saves lives as is immediate and helps build homes
        • Country made become dependent on the aid
      • Multilateral Aid Given by the government to international agencies 'The World Bank'
        • Still a loan so will have interest. Government may not use the money to help local people
        • Aid cannot be controlled as it is from an impartial organisation
      • Voluntary From charities and other organisations
        • Works with the local people more effective
        • NGO's may struggle to meet demands financially
      • Development Aid To improve people standards of living and quality of life. Building a water pump
        • Sustainability. Culturally sensitive project
        • Empowers local people, ensures that they don't become dependent
      • Bilateral Aid from one country to another.
        • Large scale development not used on the people. Often given for political reasons instead of who needs it most.
        • Receive money and donor improves trade and economy


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