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  • Development
    • a term that can be used in many different contexts whether it is social, economical, political etc. However generally development refers to an improvement in certain areas
      • Political
        • More democratic and more influence on the ‘global stage’. Stable government, no dictatorship.
      • Economic
        • An increase in the country’s economy with a shift from secondary to tertiary industry which becomes less dependent on FDI.
      • Demographic
        • An increase in population and a more ageing population as standard of living increases. Birth rates and death rates drop as life expectancy increases.
      • Social
        • An increase in the range of services, increased land prices and a more multicultural society. Greater access to education, health care and communication
    • Measuring Development
      • GDP
        • Gross Domestic Product – The total amount of goods produced by a country across the world
      • GNP
        • The total value of goods produced by one country in that country
      • HDI
        • Human Development Index – Measured using three statistics:
          • Literacy rates
          • Life Expectancy
          • Standard of living (measured in GDP per capita
    • Development Continuum
      • Originally three groupings
        • Second World
        • First World
        • Third World
      • Brandt Report 1980 suggested a north/south divide where north accounted for 80% GDP but only 20% popultion
      • Modern Day Groupings
        • LDC's
          • Low Economically Developed Country
          • Jamaica
        • NIC's
          • Newly Industrialised Countries
          • Brazil
        • Oil Rich
          • Wealth occurs due to the discovery of vast amounts of oil & exploitation
          • Qatar
        • Former Soviet
          • A Former federal union of 15 constituent republics (Russian Empire)
          • Belarus
        • MEDC
          • More economically developed countries
          • Norway
        • HIPC
          • Heavily Indebted poor countries
          • Burkina Faso
        • G8
          • Eight of worlds largest national economis
          • UK


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