Piaget's Stages of Development

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  • Piaget's theory of the Development of intelligence
    • Sensorimotor Stage
      • 0-2 years old
      • learn and develop through senses
      • begin with only reflexes then learn to control muscle movement
      • object permanence develops at roughly 4 months
      • egocentric
    • Pre-Operational Stage
      • 2-7 years old
      • animism and symbolic play
      • intuitive thought at 4 years old-curiosity and reasoning
      • egocentric
    • Concrete Operational Stage
      • 7-11 years old
      • develop logic and ordering things
      • conservation- volume does not change with shape
      • reversibility- we can repeat an operation backwards
      • decentration- can see others viewpoints
    • Formal Operational Stage
      • 12+years old
      • can understand abstract concepts- morality, emotion
      • deductive reasoning- form a logical argument


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