devepolment in cold environments-alaska

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  • development in cold environments-Alaska
    • cold environment in the USA. northern parts of alaska are in the arctic circle
    • oil and gas (trans-alaska oil pipeline. provides over half of income)
    • mineral resources-tintina gold belt provided $2.2bil. to GDP of alaska in 2013
    • fishing-79000 employees/ over $5bil. to economy
    • tourism-wilderness scenery/2mil. tourists per year. provides money and employment
    • smallest population in the US but the largest state by area
    • limited access to resources/ small workforce/ buildings/ extreme weather
    • very low temperature/ snow and strong winds/ exposure/ cause injury or death/ healthcare is a long way away from most places
    • long way from everyone else/ remote mountainous terrain/ expensive/ winter/ dangerous ice roads/ small towns/ hard for employment/ services can be few and far between or difficult to access
    • providing buildings and infrastructure takes a lot of work/ ground and weather are difficult to work with/ very expensive/ most people work in the summer when its warmer and there are longer days/ trans-alaskan pipeline has to be raised above the ground as it is very valued and would cost lots to repair
  • challenges
  • oppourtunities


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