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  • Development
    • Key Terms
      • GDP=Gross Domestic         Product          A measure of total value of goods and services produced by a country in a year.
      • HDI=Human     Dev Index life expectancy, education  and gross national income per capita.
      • Literacy rate - is the percentage of adults who can read and write.
      • Birth Rate=Number of live births per 1,000 of the population per year
      • Death Rate=Number of deaths per 1,000 of the population per year
    • Factors that effect development.
      • Climate
      • Natural hazards
      • Landlocked countries
      • Natural resources
      • Historical development   (colonisation)
      • Political factors. Poor governance EDcs have to compete with each other to win the trade. some countries are in debt to more powerful countries
      • Economic factors
      • Social education,healthcare
    • Untitled
    • Uneven development
      • environmental - polluted drinking water and a lack of sanitation
      • social - poor housing conditions and crime
      • economic low wages or unemploymen
      • Causes
        • political goals
        • wars
        • famine
        • natural disasters
        • tax avoidance
        • Malawi
          • It is located in south east africa. The nearest sea in the indian ocean. Boredered by Tanzania and Mozambique
          • The economy of Malawi is predominantly agricultural, with about 90% of the population living in rural areas.
          • High rates of infant mortality but high birth rates. Low life expectancy. No access to proper healthcare.
          • Malawi was colonised by the British therefore meaning that much of their resources were not used to their own benefit
          • Droughts and famine hit the country in 2000 stunting its economic growth
          • half of the population currently living below the poverty line.
    • Uneven dev in the uk
      • lowest living conditions tend to be in more rural areas such as north scotland
      • areas once important for heavy industry which has declined
    • Impacts if uneven dev
      • access to inadequate housing
      • health problems in region
      • education standard low
      • not enough empltymeng
      • no food and water security
      • not advanced technlogy
  • Happiness Index= development philosophy as well as an index which is used to measure the collective happiness in a nation.


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